Oliver Engels

Oliver Engels

Digital Alchemist

( Game Producer / Full-Stack Developer / Indie Developer )

Let me introduce myself with a little glimpse of who I am! While I'd prefer to share this in a more personal conversation, here's a quick summary: My colleagues often describe me as an enthusiastic learner, always eager to offer a helping hand, and genuinely passionate about automating tasks to boost efficiency. Even in the midst of challenges, I maintain a positive outlook, viewing them as opportunities to find creative solutions. For me, a strong team thrives on mutual respect, supportive leadership, and taking accountability for our actions. You could say I'm a go-getter, someone who likes to make the most of the present or set the stage for future success.


Playing Guitar / Exercising / Walks in the Forest with my dog / Creating and Managing Games / Learning new Development Techniques / When I have the opportunity, I engage in personal indie game developments

Life History

Early 90

Born in Goirle, The Netherlands


Bachelor Degree in Game Technology


Master Degree in Game Science


Worked @ Studios as Game Producer / Full-Stack Developer

2021 to Present

Contracted as Game Producer / Full-Stack Developer


Experience Image

Firebase To Aws

Experience Image

Ascenders Simulation

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